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How to choose right type pillow for neck pain

If you often wake up with a stiff neck or burning urination pain from your neck all the way down your spine when you turn or tilt your head, your problem may very well be caused by having a bad pillow. These problems usually shrugged off as usual and attributed long working time in front of the computer or the shoulder tension from stress. While people certainly contribute elements, the biggest cause of neck pain is almost always the pillows that you are using.

Choosing the best pillow for neck pain not everyone understands and grasp. In this article, we will give out the factors to consider when choosing the best pillow for side sleepers neck pain.

The main cause of neck pain

 Simply put, if your spine and neck are not supported properly when you're sleeping, sore throat and sore surely will follow. There really isn't any "true" position that you have to get used to the bed. Instead, you should really be looking for the suitable pillow for your sleeping style.

Personal experience

Personally, after having undergone many neck pain that comes in and out constantly during many years (almost as if they're in turn annoys me), I tried changing my pillows, according to recommendations of a colleague. In less than a week using my new pillows (that is a memory foam pillow), the implications of this are very clear.

I can spin and tilt my head forward and to the sides, a little more than normal before feeling normal pain. I also felt significantly less pain when I let my head rocking forward on his own from the old place I connected to my shoulders. Within a month or so, I have also stopped this persistent problem, in which one side of my neck (left, right or rear depending on the location of my sleep at night) will feel hard when I wake up in the morning.

Factors to consider when choosing the type of Pillow you

 After conducting a significant amount of further research online, I've come up with a list of things to take into consideration when choosing the best pillow for neck pain:

your knees should be wide enough to fit your head and neck. Many people often just resting his head on the pillow, leaving a gap between the head and the shoulders where the neck is exposed to air. It is important to keep your neck and shoulders warm to avoid neck pain and stiffness.

Try to avoid using two or more pillows. Using too much will tilt the head pillow forward tension on your neck. A pillow is enough if it is the right one.

Use a pillow that fits with your sleeping position. If you are a party or sleep if you sleep on your stomach, knees that you are using for your head and neck so soft and relatively flat. This is to ensure that your ' int neck sideways in an unnatural position when you sleep.

Side sleepers should also use a body or firm pillows pillow head to ensure that your spine is maintained straight through the night. A body or two will prevent knee knees your knees from coming together and caused a power up your spine. This will also avoid any strain on your neck since the spine is connected to the neck.

Know the contents of your pillow. Different properties in your pillow have the benefit that may or may not be useful to you. For example, use a feather or down pillow based will not solve the problem of your neck because they are usually soft and does not provide full support in the first place. If neck pain is your concern, then you should use a water-based pillow or memory foam.

Most of the pillow has a specific purpose. Your neck problem can worse than if you use the wrong kind of pillow. You may not use a pregnancy pillow and expect your neck pain.

If your pillows are flat and cannot be inflated again, then it is time to change it. A flat pillow will not provide the necessary support for your head and neck.

As you can guess from the above chart, nonlatex pillow is the best choice for people with neck pain simply because they fit all the criteria listed above in order to prevent such problems in the first place.

The latest, and accidentally, the best pillow for neck pain that I have used so far is snuggle-Pedic style chips combined bamboo Memory Foam pillow. I have been using this special pillow for over 3 months now and I believe that is the absolute best memory foam Pillow I have used so far, although only beat the others by a small margin. This is because the problem of my neck pain was almost totally diminished by the time I switched to this pillow (memory foam pillow 5th) to which is more difficult to evaluate them properly.